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This is the first experimental post in my blog. As I saw on my map and flag counters, many visitors from outside the country I decided to write something in English to communicate everyone and bring little more visitors from around the glob. Of course almost all visits from outside Georgia appear by accident thanks to search engines. But if someone by chance appear here let him/her give a chance to know what’s happening here. This is my personal blog in which I try to write about anything  interesting for me. I am deeply interested in contact people around the world and this is the major reason for this post.
First of all “who am I?” I am 26 year old guy from Georgia (not from state of the USA) Formally I am an architect designer or more precisely an interior designer, but most of all I had quite different jobs, now I study computer graphics. I like writing stories, writing about important themes which express the face of society, or human values. I’m a globalist and as a globalist I have the hobby which has the most wide ranges of all the things in the universe. This is Astronomy. Despite fact that I don’t have a telescope and I never was able to look at the sky through it, I have many programs in my PC. They tell me everything about locations of stars galaxies and nebulae. The great helpers are also my documentary film collections, they taught me everything. I often write posts about planets and interesting stories about universe. I’m impressed by Nasa’s Kepler mission to find earth-like planets. I often announce in my blog about Kepler’s discoveries.

My favorite music is country, also jazz and rock n’ roll, favorite band is the Beatles. They’re great men. especially John Lennon and George Harrison. I am deeply influenced by them. John inspired me to dream about peace and love. about one world which can be better. George gave me wisdom of life. He inspired me with eastern world, with its secrets, its colors, its spirituality. Though I am an atheist like John (reason isn’t John’s opinion, it’s only coincidence) I have deep respect with George’s point of view. He introduced me wonderful Indian music and the great man Ravi Shankar.
I have many dreams, but above all is to travel around the world. I think traveling is the most interesting  thing at all. you can see many different things, traditions, people, cities or different natures. Wandering is the thing in which I find myself very well. Life is too short for living in one place many years.
My Dream is just take bag and go, have little money (enough to cheapest travel around the globe) and open every border on the planet. I wish to have Electronic reader with hundreds of books in store and some mini laptop, for writing blog to describe every aspect of travel. I don’t want high class hotels and business class flights, even if I had enough money. I think more interesting is travel, with bus, with train or take rides, and high class hotels seem to me little boring, they don’t show ordinary people’s lives. For me more important is to keep going and  on every step meet new people, heard new stories, see new pictures of natures.
It’s been a long time ago when I thought that it would be a great thing if I’ll write something for everyone, but then I realized, if you don’t know language fluently it doesn’t worth, better write on the language, you are sure that you can communicate fluently. But my language skills is still far from this step. However this time I  thought, my English isn’t so horrible, people can understand such simple posts, it’s like home work at school.
So I’ll be glad if some foreigner will contact me, maybe interested in Georgia, or just want contact someone outside the country as me.

3 thoughts on “Me & my Blog

  1. წარმატებები უცხოენოვან ვიზიტორებში.
    მეც მინდა შენსავით ვიცოდე ინგლისური და ვისწავლი კიდეც. მერე მეც დავწერ ინგლისურენოვან პოსტებს 😉

    • მადლობ 🙂
      იმედია გაამართლებს.
      ყოველთვის მინდოდა ამ ექსპერიმენტის ჩატარება
      ჯერ მეც არ ვარ ისეთ დონეზე რომ ყველნაირი პოსტები ვწერო, როცა ვიქნები მერე ალბათ ინგლისურ ბლოგს ცალკე გავხსნი.საერთაშორისო მკითხველისთვის 😀

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